About me

Hiya! My name is Hithroc Mehatoko and I am a programmer. My main programming language is Haskell. I'm also trying to get into playing piano and music composition as my hobby.

My projects


Oak is a draft format simulator for MLP:CCG. Drafting is when people take some booster packs sit around the table, open them, then choose one card and pass the rest. Roughly speaking, this is what Oak simulates: generating booster packs, picking and passing the cards. Backend is written in Haskell and frontend is written in PureScript using Halogen for UI.

Project's main page


Birch is a bot for a russian social network called VKontakte.
The bot's main purpose to relpy with card information from Hearthstone by user's request.


Spruce analyzes logs from on-board computer on a space station. The main goal of the project was to make reading and filtering data from the logs easier for humans and being able to parse huge files within a limited amount of memory. The project is closed source.

Contact me

E-mail: contact@hithroc.org
Keybase: @hithroc
GitHub: http://github.com/hithroc
Telegram: @Hithroc
My public key: 7CC3318F93C7CD2E7C0BFE04368D8EE2FBBF9713